Are you plagued with a small space and you just have too much stuff to make it feel open and airy? This stuff may be sentimental pieces you don’t want to part with, or perhaps a collection of tiny trinkets. Either way, co-existing with your things is a must. Here are a few ideas to help you along.

Find pieces that do double-duty. For example, if you have a nice large window, find a bench that also has storage. This seems pretty simple, and it is, but so often we don’t think of this and look for chairs with matching ottoman that might have storage. On either side of that window, create built-ins – or just find some wonderful bookshelves that can display some of your art.

Another example is a table with under-storage. Many counter-height tables now have some added storage underneath. This is perfect for kitchens with minimal cabinets! Some game tables are equally useful when it comes to storage as well. Usually they come with ottoman type chairs for sitting and storing things like games, blankets, or remote controls. Typically, those kinds of tables also have the option to increase height. Makes family dinner a little more fun when you are eating in the living room! Of course, this table would still be nice enough that your guests wouldn’t know it’s a game table!

How do you feel about hanging shelves from your ceiling? Yes, I said it! Vertical space! Grandma’s quilt is beautiful, but do you use it often? Is it shoved in a closet or under your bed? Whether you enjoy natural wood, metal, or shabby chic, find a few pieces of wood or metal and you could make a hanging, lighter-weight pallet. Lay grandma’s quilt face-down so you can see it through the slats and you have an instant shelf that’s out of the way and hiding some of your less desirable mess. Don’t have a quilt? A fun piece of fabric will do the trick too. Obviously, things you don’t use daily would need to be stored up there, so be selective on what goes up.

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