Designing your space is as simple as you want it to be.

Let’s talk about space and function first. Ask yourself, is the furniture appropriate for the space and how I want to use it? Is it a space you want to entertain in? If so, are there plenty of seats? What about flat surfaces for drinks and food? (I say flat surfaces, others say tables, but really anything you are ok with setting a drink on can be used for such) What about a serving area? What will the flow be like for food? Our guests are usually hungry, let’s make it as easy for them as possible.
Or is this a space for yoga and meditation? Is there enough floor space? Or at least enough room to move the furniture if you need. 

Feeling. This is one of things we can’t get away from. What do you want to feel when you walk into your space? Relaxed? Energized? How about a combination of the two? 

Lighting is just as important. We aren’t going to do a great job of hosting a book club if our lighting is focused on the wall, or doesn’t cascade over a space.  Do we want dimmers so we can adjust the brightness? We can go from bright and shiny to mood lighting in an instant. As long as you have a triangle of light covering the entire room, you should be happy.

Those are the basics for function, feeling and lighting. Now you want to fill the room with accessories and art! These are the things that will pull the room together and help you achieve the feeling and style that makes you and your family the happiest. Be sure to pick pieces that truly make you smile.

There will always be lots of decisions to make when redecorating your space. The bottom line is choose pieces that fit how you want the space to function, how you want it to feel and if it makes you smile. You will find plenty of ‘things’ that will do one of the above, and when you find that thing ask yourself “If I came back tomorrow and it was gone, would I be disappointed?” If the answer is no, move on.  

Enjoy the journey of decorating your home. It is where you spend quite a bit of your time.


Rina Jensen


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