Commitment, Confidence and Opportunity – The three things that make you an artist


Recently I spoke about the differences between a person who proudly says they are an artist, and a person who enjoys creating art as a hobby. In my very humble opinion, there are only three differences between those two groups: Commitment. Confidence. Opportunity.

Having first picked up a camera when I was a child I started seeing things others couldn’t or didn’t want to see. Not ‘seeing things’ that would make a person wonder about my sanity, but rather the beautiful within the common. The forest through the trees. Yet, I had none of these things.

If you lack even one of the three, you will still be an artist. You will still create something beautiful, but the general public will not have a chance to share in its beauty.  You will consider yourself a hobbyist and probably down-play your ability to create beauty. It’s time to embrace your creativity and let the world enjoy it as much as you and your friends/family do.

So… Art…. Why are these three things so important?

Commitment is scary. It’s an agreement to be devoted to someone or something. In art, it is an agreement to be devoted to yourself and the visions you bring to life. It is not necessarily a daily devotion, or even a monthly devotion, it is, however, an agreement with yourself to do something that makes you happy. Stop with the commitment issues and realize your art is not going to make you feel guilty for testing out another medium while you’re on a break… (If you get that reference, we should be friends…  )


Confidence…. This. Wow. This is where we have to look within ourselves and silence those tiny little critics. Those loud, annoying little voices that tell us our work is not good enough. We have to accept that what we have worked on, and in some cases really poured our souls into, is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s ok! Art is subjective. It is the most subjective creation in all the world. Ok, that ‘all the world’ bit is just my opinion, but I bet there are a few of you that feel the same. Just know you are not alone in the fear of rejection and we have ALL had to take our first step at some point.


Opportunity. Not easy to come by. Well, a little easier with social media and the internet, but for the folks who want to be in a gallery, the options are a little more limited. We start a search of what gallery is accepting what kind of medium. Will the gallery owner want to work us – but what you should be asking is if you want to work with the gallery owner! Choose the pieces you want to submit and prepare for the critique. The other option is to look for a creative space that encourages artists of all levels. Look for a creative space that works with themes. Look for a creative space that allows you to grow.


Your art is personal to you and whether you believe it or not, it will speak to someone you do not know. It could be as simple as an abstract, or as complex as…. an abstract. Whatever your medium, embrace it, commit to it and share it.

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