Not long ago I wrote a little diddy about Commitment, Confidence and Opportunity. For this piece I would like to focus on the ever dreaded Commitment aspect and why it is neither a deciding factor to your work, or something that you can humble brag about.

Making art, whether you paint, sculpt, write, sketch or sing, is a very personal thing. Some create for therapy. Some create for their soul. Others create because they have nothing else to do and yet others create because they want to recycle something. The importance of creating is yours to decide. Some days you may not be able to put down your magic wand while others it would take a force to get you to spend even a minute of time in your studio. Not everyone is oozing creation every day, month or year, and that is perfectly ok. The important part is not how much you let it ooze out of you, but the quality. If you produce crap work just to have work to show, how proud of yourself would you be? Ok, I guess there could be an argument made for those who work well under pressure, and we all know there are a few exceptions to every rule, we can nit-pick if you’d like…. 😉

You are in a relationship with your creativity. And if we look at it in this way we realize that not every relationship is perfect. We have ups and downs. Moments of brilliance and seconds of despair. We’re all starving. Starving artists. Starving lovers. Starving for something more than what we already have. That’s why we create. We need to fulfill a piece of us through our art. Sometimes we don’t need to create anything. Sometimes we need to step away from the expectations of our commitment and reconnect with ourselves, or our other relationships. That’s ok! Here are few things to remember when you haven’t created for a minute:

  1. Every artist experiences a lack of commitment to their work at some point. The more you think about it and try to force something out of yourself, the more you will not enjoy the end result.
  2. It’s ok to try something else. Maybe you are a photographer and see paintings that speak to you. Begging for you to give it try. Do it. What do you have to lose?
  3. Inspiration comes in many forms. What worked a year ago, may have run its course today, let it go and try something different.

Sometimes we forget how much we appreciate our talent until we don’t use it. So if you are struggling with sticking with it, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just pick up where you left off and have fun

And if you are too committed to your art that your relationships suffer, well….  take just a second and realize that your art will not come visit you in a nursing home….

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